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Next Seminar

Due to the current development of COVID-19, the seminars are cancelled until further notified.

Thank you for your understanding.

Past Seminars

Future Seminars

Nov. 22. 2019.    FRIES Inaugural Seminar

Dec. 04. 2019.    Impact and Management of Weather Risks in Agribusiness. by Tobias Dalhaus.

Jan. 16. 2020.    The private regulation of sustainable tropical commodity production: Balancing effectiveness and equity. by Janina Grabs.

Feb. 05. 2020.    Climate change and structural change: the relevance for machinery use and acquisition in Germany. Research agenda and perspectives. by Francisco A. Mendoza Tijerino

Mar. 04. 2020.    Antimicrobial resistance in China: the future of surveillance in animals. by Cheng Zhao

to be announced.

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