Next Seminar

Measuring farm performance

– some reflections on behavioural assumptions, use of data and sustainability

Helena Hansson

Professor of agricultural and food economics

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

May 19, 12:00

Past Seminars

Future Seminars

Feb. 17. 2021.  Five myths about producer organizations and rural development. by Eva-Marie Meemken, Lisa Jäckering, Goytom Kahsay, and Jorge Sellare

Nov. 22. 2019.    FRIES Inaugural Seminar

Dec. 04. 2019.    Impact and Management of Weather Risks in Agribusiness. by Tobias Dalhaus.

Jan. 16. 2020.    The private regulation of sustainable tropical commodity production: Balancing effectiveness and equity. by Janina Grabs.

Feb. 05. 2020.    Climate change and structural change: the relevance for machinery use and acquisition in Germany. Research agenda and perspectives. by Francisco A. Mendoza Tijerino.

Mar. 04. 2020.    Antimicrobial resistance in China: the future of surveillance in animals. by Cheng Zhao.

Sep. 30. 2020.    Forest governance in a global bioeconomy: lessons from economic models and impact evaluation. by Jan Borner.

Oct. 14. 2020.  Antimicrobial use in production animals and its impact in human and environmental health. by Laura Huber.

Oct. 28. 2020. Quantifying the soil erosion legacy of the Soviet Union. by David Wuepper.

Nov. 11. 2020.   Equity-effectiveness tradeoffs emerging from enforcing compliance in supply chains: lessons from the Amazonian cattle sector. by Federico Cammelli.

Nov. 25. 2020. The ecology of capitalism: learning from Gran Chaco. by M. Graziano Ceddia. recorded:

Dec. 17. 2020.  Impacts of climate change on global agri-food trade. by Martina Bozzola.

Mar. 31. 2021. Pathways toward a more sustainable future for oil palm smallholders. by Nia Kurniawati Hidayat

Apr. 14.2021. More Products -- More to See? How Complexity Affects Consumer Decision Making. by Carola Grebitus.



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